You have all of your favourite local shops in your pocket.


  • Follow your favourite store in your city.

  • When the store makes an offer, you'll get a non-alerting visual indication.

  • Make your buying experience more enjoyable.

Create an online store to interact with your long-term clients in your area.


  • Set up your store online to connect to your local loyal customers.

  • Your consumers are categorised depending on their effect number.

  • Make a menu chart.

  • Make special deals to your most loyal consumers.

Inquire about the product with your friends or at all of the relevant stores in your city.


  • Instead of questioning friends one-on-one about a product you want, ask them all at ones where it will be available or where you should get it in your city.

  • Inquire about product availability, cost, or any other information directly from all relevant stores in your city. in a single click.

  • Make your product's equiry experience unlike anything you've ever had before.

Share your experience with your friends.


  • Tell your family and friends about your product experience or about the store.

  • The more things your friends buy from the store you recommended, the higher your imprint level will be.

  • The higher your impact level, the more offers you'll receive from that specific store.

Recommend products or stores to help others find them.

product or stores

  • Recommend the goods or shops to your friends anytime they inquire about products.

  • The greater your impact level, the more you recommend the product or store.

  • The higher your impact level, the more likely you are to receive offers from that store.

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